About me

I was drawn to design because of my passion for connecting with people and making things better for them.

I started my career in customer service and eventually combined my customer-centric propensity with my interest in tech. Luckily for me, creating things with code and solving problems for people is a useful skill, and it also has a fancy name! UX design. Product design. Web design. Service design. (Insert term du jour here.)

Since I discovered design, I haven’t looked back. I have only looked forward… for different types of customers to serve! In my past 6+ years at Booking, I’ve served a variety of customers—both internal and external.

Most recently, I’ve worked for Booking’s design and development teams as the Principal in Design Services. My teams were responsible for the design, development, and adoption of accessibility best practices, The Booking Design System, and its accompanying toolkit, Assembly. They did some awesome work, and I helped them formulate their vision, get the resources they needed to succeed. I also invested in their personal and professional growth as their manager, and communicated with business stakeholders.

I also led a 30-40 person design team in Booking’s Partner Services department, which led to a significant and noticeable increase in designer job satisfaction and engagement. This engagement enabled the department to achieve a company stretch goal as an impact of improving the overall quality of design.

I’ve now shifted my focus to serve Booking.com employees as a whole as I work with the company HR department. My goal is to improve the employee and manager experience by adding clarity around job role expectations, competencies, and the promotion process. Wish me luck. Or, better yet, wish me resilience.

Thanks for stopping by. <3